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The Zend Gdata Client Library

Many of Google’s products use the Google Data protocol to power their API’s. To make interactaction with the API simpler, most programmers will download a client library for their language of choice. Google recommends the Zend Gdata client library for PHP, which overall is a great client library but does have one major downside.

For RateDesi Hungama, I query the YouTube API (which uses Google Data) to retrieve video feeds and video entries. Each time a video page is loaded, the site needs to retrieve the feed from Youtube to display the video information. To prevent needing an API call on every video page, I have two options… either store the video information in my database and update it periodically or cache for a limited time the video information.

I chose caching. The problem with the Zend Gdata client library is that any Gdata feed retrieved is gigantic. Each video entry object is a good 300kb because a ton of metadata is kept within the object. If you allocated 500MB to your cache you would not be able to store even 1700 videos. In this case, you would probably want to look towards using a file based cache.

However, I usually prefer using memcached which is an in-memory distributed cache. Thankfully, memcached does offer the option to automatically compress data. In PHP, when using memcache_set set the flag to MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED and it will automatically serialize and compress the Gdata object. So, instead of a 300kb cache entry, you will be left with a 17kb or smaller cache entry.

Lessons Learnt: Either roll your own Gdata client library for PHP, or use a file based cache with the Zend Gdata client library, or make sure to compress your cache entries.